Paala, who got out of the city jail just three months ago after serving time for drug charges, was shot dead by motorcycle-riding assailants at the corner of Mabilis and Maunawin Streets at his village—the spot where he used to sell balut, or fermented duck eggs, every day.
Gilbert Paala
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 46
  • Occupation: Balut Vendor
Incident Details
  • Killed by unknown assailants in public
  • Date of Incident: July 20, 2020
  • Location of Incident: Quezon City, Metro Manila

A balut vendor recently released from jail over drug charges was shot to death by several gunmen in Quezon City on Monday night (July 20).

The victim was identified as Gilbert Paala, 46.

Witnesses said that Paala was selling balut at his makeshift stall on Mabilis St. in Barangay Piñahan around 8 p.m. when three men aboard a motorcycle peppered him with bullets.

They said they heard at least three gunshots.