John Roe Gregori
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 23
Incident Details
  • Found dead in public
  • Date of Incident: December 23, 2018
  • Location of Incident: Oton, Iloilo

The nephew of a barangay chairwoman in Iloilo province who was killed earlier this year was brutally killed and dumped in Oton town over the weekend.
A female scavenger found the body of John Roe Gregori at 6:30 a.m. of Sunday, Dec. 23, at the circumferential road in Barangay Pakiad in Oton.
His feet were tied with cable wire and his hands bound with duct tape, while his head was covered in packing tape (
John Roe is reportedly the nephew of slain Barangay Captain Remia Prevendido Gregori’s husband. Remia was an alleged high-value target drug personality. She was killed June 24 in San Joaquin, Iloilo.
Scavenger Jovelyn Tebajares said she was picking up empty water bottles when she saw the body.
Tebajares summoned her husband to check on the body, and they reported the matter to police.
Gregori was wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of blue shorts, and a faded black jacket. His back bore a tattoo “Nicole Marie.”
His brother, who is living in Barangay Pakiad, identified the body.
Initial investigation showed the victim died from two gunshot injuries on the back of his head. Police suspect he was killed somewhere else before being dumped in the area.
Oton police head Chief Inspector Gervinson Moyo said the victim’s family claimed that he was a drug surrenderee.
Police are looking into information Gregori was a supplier of illegal drugs and was tagged in the killing of one Nelson Johann Sotaso, 30, who was found dead last Oct. 21.
Gregori was also charged for murder for allegedly killing a taxi driver.