John Vincent Umpad
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 26
Incident Details
  • Killed in police operation in public
  • Date of Incident: October 2, 2017
  • Time of Incident: 1:05 am
  • Location of Incident: Mandaue City

THREE days after their cases were dismissed through the Supreme Court’s Enhanced Justice on Wheels program, three siblings were killed in a drug bust inside the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) compound in Barangay Guizo, Mandaue City, before dawn Monday, October 2.

John Vincent Umpad, 26, allegedly tried to shoot the police officers when he sensed that he was transacting with a police decoy. His brothers, Ruben, 25, and Jerome, 28, were also killed. Their other brother Rustom, 23, was arrested and detained in the Mandaue Police Station (MPS) 3 holding cell.

John Vincent, Ruben and Jerome were among almost 100 detainees from the city jail who availed themselves of the SC’s EJOW when it visited the Hall of Justice last Thursday. Their murder and direct assault cases were dismissed after they were behind bars for eight years.

Chief Insp. Michelangelo Beltran said their informant called to inform them that John Vincent continued his illegal drugs activities.

The Umpads’ grandmother Conchita, who lives in an adjacent house where her grandsons were killed, said John Vincent, Ruben and Jerome arrived last Friday night and celebrated their release from jail. She said they were scheduled to leave for Manila. “They were just sleeping in their house when they were killed,” Conchita said in Cebuano.