Rodesa Imbat
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 29
Incident Details
  • Killed by unknown assailants
  • Date of Incident: September 17, 2017
  • Location of Incident: Caloocan

Days after her live-in partner was killed by the police in an antidrug operation in Bulacan province, Rodesa Imbat, a woman from Caloocan City was found dead — her body mutilated and bearing signs of torture — almost 500 kilometers away in Cagayan province.

According to one of the relatives of , her body was already bloated when fished out of Cagayan River, the head wrapped in duct tape, the teeth pulled out, and one of the nipples sliced. Imbat also bore stab wounds in the arms and chest. Imbat’s immediate family members positively identified the body based on her tattoo — “Klea” — which remained visible despite the onset of decomposition. They were able to bring her body back to Caloocan from Cagayan only on Saturday.

Imbat and her live-in partner Benedict “Ude” Resureccion, 37,  were last seen alive when they left their Caloocan home together on Sept. 13, according to a statement posted by their relatives on Facebook on Sept. 16.

The relatives said they would later learn that “unidentified men” abducted Imbat after shooting Resureccion dead in that apartment.

The other fatality was identified as Reynaldo “Ben Diesel” Arcilla, 36, allegedly Resureccion’s cohort and the main target of the operation that was led by PO3 Noel Estanislao, supervised by Macariola, and coordinated with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

The police report said that when the police tried to arrest Arcilla in a neighboring house, he fired shots and ran toward the apartment. From there, Arcilla and Resureccion allegedly fired at the policemen until they were both gunned down in the exchange.

Resureccion’s relatives in Bulacan admitted that he was into drug pushing but maintained that he did not own a gun.

They were also not buying police statements regarding Imbat, saying they had learned from eyewitnesses that she and an unidentified woman were taken out of the apartment during the police operation.