Supt. D’Artagnan Denila Katalbas Jr., Guihulngan police chief, said they never intended to shoot Althea. (Althea died of a bullet that hit her spine, she was on a motorcycle with her father when police shot him in the back. The bullet hit the 4-yo girl riding in front after piercing the body of her father, who died instantly.)
Pim Alrick Barbon
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Number of Children: 1
Incident Details
  • Killed in police operation in public
  • Date of Incident: September 4, 2016
  • Location of Incident: Guilhungan City, Negros Oriental

Si Pim at 31-taong gulang na ama ni Althea, isang Kindergarten na studyante sa Negros Oriental. Si Pim ay binaril sa likod ng mga pulis habang nakasakay sa motorsiklo. Sakay nya sa harap si Althea at papunta sila sa park upang bumili ng gamit para sa field trip. Tinamaan ng bala si Althea sa likod, dinala sa ospital, kung saan sya ay pumanaw matapos ang dalawang araw.

From Inquirer:


Four-year-old Althea Fhem Barbon was extra playful and sweet to her grandparents in the afternoon of Aug. 31. She asked P20 from Lorenzo Barbon, 58, and his wife, Marilyn, 58, so she could buy popcorn in a trip to this city’s Freedom Park.

Before she and her father, Pim Alrick Barbon, 31, went to the park, she hugged her grandparents tightly.

Little did Lorenzo and Marilyn know that it would be the last embrace they would get from Althea, a kindergarten pupil at Gucce Learning Center here.

Althea and Alrick died after they were shot by policemen on Larena Street in Barangay Poblacion, a few meters away from their house.

The girl’s mother, Rowena Lorica, 27, who works in Cebu, said she last saw her daughter on April 19 when she celebrated her fourth birthday.

“It is painful. I still have not accepted what happened to her,” she said.

“You would enjoy her company because she smiled all the time. People here were fond of her,” she added.

Alrick and Althea were buried at the Catholic cemetery here on Sunday afternoon.