"Hindi naman hayop na dapat patayin lang yan na iwanan diyan eh, grabe naman sila, bata pa yung kapatid ko, may pangarap sa buhay yun eh," said Sandro Jore, the victim's other brother.
Aldrin Jore
  • Sex: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
Incident Details
  • Killed by unknown assailants in public
  • Date of Incident: October 2, 2017
  • Location of Incident: Quezon City, Metro Manila

A 16-year-old was shot dead meters away from his family’s home in Quezon City on Monday afternoon.

A report by Athena Imperial on Unang Balita said the victim, Aldrin Jore, went out for a haircut but was found later at 5 p.m. laying dead near their home on Martan Street in Barangay Commonwealth.

“Sabi niya, ma, mag-practice lang po ako, sandali lang. (Sabi ko) O sige, umuwi ka agad, maya-maya hindi pa siya umuwi, galing siya sa ano, nagpagupit, ngayon, nung pagkalabas daw ng barber shop, yun na,” Amelita said.

Police said a woman identified as Wenilfreda Mendoza caught a bullet in her leg during the shooting. She was rushed to the East Avenue Medical Center.

Witnesses to the shooting have declined to be interviewed.

Jore’s mother and siblings had no clue of what could have been the motive for the shooting. Aldrin was fifth of six children.

Aldrin wasn’t involved in drugs nor had enemies in school, said Glen Jore, a brother of Aldrin’s.