Novilito Ygbuhay
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 41
  • Occupation: Farmer
Incident Details
  • Date of Incident: January 19, 2017
  • Time of Incident: 8:00 am
  • City of Incident: Calbayog City
  • Province of Incident: Samar
  • Killed by unknown assailants in public

Roberto Habilles Jr., chairman of Barangay Dinagan, and Novilito Ygbuhay, farmer, were shot dead while on their way to Calbayog City Hall.

They were on a motorcycle traversing a muddy road at around 8 a.m. when unidentified men came out under cover of thick grasses and fired at them. As the two men fell on the ground, the gunmen approached them and shot them in their faces and heads until they were almost beyond recognition.

Chief Insp. Angelo Pueblo, Samar provincial intelligence chief, said the killers left a note on the body of Habilles that read: “Oplan Tuklaw! Huwag tularan Kap adik at tulak ng druga!”