Djastin Lopez
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 23
Incident Details
  • Killed in police operation
  • Date of Incident: May 18, 2017
  • Location of Incident: Manila

Djastin Lopez was killed when he allegedly fought back against the police when they attempted to arrest him.

Autopsy results showed that Lopez died of multiple gunshots to his upper extremity and other parts of the body. He was hit 5 times in the chest and stomach, and once in the arm.

The police spot report on the death of Lopez identified the 23-year-old as a wanted person for the killing of a certain Michael Turla Panganiban. But in a report filed before the Manila Police District’s (MPD’s) Crime Investigation and Detection Unit dated May 14, 2017, the suspects in the killing of Panganiban did not include the name of Lopez. In a June 9, 2017 progress report, the cops said the operation that killed Lopez was a buy-bust operation, contrary to the police claim on May 18 that Djastin was a suspect in a murder case.

Murder charges have been filed against PO3 Gerry Geñalope. Witnesses said he shot Djastin while the youth begged for his life, slapped him while he writhed on the ground with the onset of an epileptic attack, and then shot him again repeatedly.

Witnesses also claimed other police officers also shot at Djastin.

The Manila cops used the same narrative of “nanlaban” or resisting with a gun against Lopez.

“As attested by the eyewitnesses, it is evident that PO3 Geñalope consciously and deliberately employed said attack to ensure the execution of the crime and make it impossible for (Lopez) to defend himself or retaliate,” said the Ombudsman. “(Geñalope’s) allegations that it was (Lopez) who first fired at him and that he merely acted in self-defense, are matters that can be best passed upon after a full blown trial on the merits.”